This is a list of SCPs from the unity version of the game and a bit of a description on them.

(Reminder: Don't accuse me of copying the others pages these only short descriptions only giving a little detail not the full thing)

(PS: this basically just a remade version of the other person who made this, all the credit goes to he/she not me and he/she has the right to claim this page as him/her own)

List of SCPs

SCP-173 - A Statue that moves around in the blink of an eye and attempts too snap the players neck

SCP-106 - Has the appearence of an old man and can walk through matter, if SCP-106 catchs the player he takes them too his pocket dimension which you have too try and escape.

SCP-914 - A giant clockwork machine that can be useful too upgrade items (keycards for an exmaple) but also can make them worthless depending on the setting.

SCP-727-J - (was removed in 0.5.8 by accident i believe) This scp is a joke and takes the appearence of a giant bright sky if you look through the observation window and it cant cause harm to the player.

SCP-330 - Is a bowl of candy with a note on it saying "take no more than 2 please!"  if the player attempts to take more than 2 the players hand will be amputated leading to the players fate.

SCP-178 - A pair of 3-D Glasses if the player puts them on the player will see in some sort of reddish blue colour, the player will soon see entites called SCP-178-1 which are strange entites with many eyes and 2 tenticles (if they are tenticles) if the player angers them they will begin too beat up the player leading to the player's fate.

SCP-012 - (was removed for revamping) Is a piece of paper which has been written on by with blood, if the players looks at it, the player will be forced towards it and will begin too rip open their wrist causing the player too bleed out.

SCP-983 - Takes the appearance of an old monkey toy which you see if you look up into the skyroom and will do a back flip, it also will give you candy if you go through some cycles.

SCP-500 - Is a pill container which can heal the player very quickly and will have more uses in the future.

(More will be added too the list soon im just not bothered too do more at the current moment but you are free too add or edit the descriptions a little bit also please don't accuse me of copying off the actual things these are only just short descriptions not the full thing.)